A Million Reasons (or maybe just 5) Why Lighting is Important in Small Businesses

small business lighting

As a business owner, you know how important standing out is. The level of competitiveness is pretty high in all markets and small businesses are finding it more and more challenging to stay visible. That is why it is essential to consider every element that can increase the level of visibility your business enjoys, and commercial lighting is definitely one of them.

It’s not just that commercial lighting is a critical component for every small business, but the market is also expanding. The industrial and commercial LED lighting  market was estimated at USD 107.6 billion in 2020 and in 2022, its value is expected to reach USD 165.9 billion.

Small business lighting, when done perfectly, ensures many benefits that business owners enjoy, They can save up to 50% of the cost of energy bills. Every business owner loves to save money on operating expenses, right? Your lighting choices can work to your advantage in this respect. It’s through proper lighting that you can increase productivity to effectively compete in your industry or vertical. 

Moreover, proper commercial lighting can help make a good impression on your customers and how they view your business. Choose good lighting that is more welcoming to attract your customers easily.

1. Technology – Using Energy Saver Bulbs For Commercial Lighting

It’s not just enough to be content with the type of lighting in your building, take time to consider the kind of lighting that is friendly to your business. Ensure that you select the type of lighting technology that supports energy-efficient lighting. You may like a certain look or design of ceiling lighting or table lamps, but find out if they are really energy efficient beforehand.

The market brings several options in terms of commercial lighting fixtures, meant to satisfy your needs and those of your business. Here are five relevant options: 

  • Tubular Fluorescent Light Fixtures

These are based on traditional fluorescent technology, and they are installed into the ceiling. Typically, these commercial lighting fixtures have one to four bulbs. However, it depends on the amount of lighting required. In terms of longevity and energy efficiency, this option is highly regarded. 

  • Compact Fluorescent Light Fixtures

The compact fluorescent light fixtures represent a replacement for incandescent bulbs. Similar to the tubular fluorescent light fixtures, this option gives a more natural white color light. And this is why you will find this type of commercial lighting fixtures mostly used for downlight lamps in commercial spaces.

  • T5 Fluorescent Light Fixtures

When it comes to high ceiling commercial spaces, these are typically regarded as the best option on the market. They have a long life and the maintenance requirements are minimal. Plus, they can be used with LED bulbs. 

  • LED Light Fixtures

Commercial LED lighting is a technology that is currently enjoying a lot of popularity. LED lighting is energy efficient and has a long operational life, which makes them very attractive for small business owners and not only. LED light fixtures are now widely spread. 

2. Controls – Flexibility Of Lighting In Necessary Areas

All you need in order to eliminate excessive usage of light in your office is a way to regulate the level of lighting. With a good control system that suits your business, you’re sure to save as much energy as possible. 

An extensive control system allows you to choose which lights you want to have on and what level of lighting you need in those areas. This allows you to choose to keep certain lighting off if that part of the room is not in use, saving energy and money in the long run.

3. Daylight – Saving Energy

You don’t have to use the lights in the office at all times. There is a way to save your cash. Ensure that your office setting is designed in a way that you access enough natural light through the windows with any office furniture. 

Use as much sunlight as possible for your office by using appropriate ways to direct it to your workspace. You can opt for lots of windows in your offices, as well as paint and furniture that will reflect the sun’s natural light. If it becomes too bright, blinds, shades, or curtains can be used to block some of the light.

4. Design – Commercial Lighting Color Options

Your lights don’t just depend on the type of bulbs you choose, there is much more behind it. Consider the colors you choose for your walls. If you have bright colors that help reflect light, you are sure to consume less energy than when you choose darker colors.

5. High-intensity Discharge

The HID lamps have a way of adding light to large areas. With the light voltage and watts selection, you will be able to light the whole building with few lamps compared to other forms of lighting. They can also be used even from a higher distance in terms of the ceiling height.

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