7 Best Living Room Lighting Ideas

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There are several features to take into consideration when decorating the living room and lighting is most definitely one of them. A Feng-shui alignment, appealing, yet comfortable furniture are important, but the lighting really sets up the tone in any room. And when it comes to living room lighting ideas, the options are infinite, from minimal, embedded pieces to extravagant designs, as shown by the following suggestions.

A space that was created and built with attention to your desires and needs should be a well-lit, smart and practical area that allows you to enjoy the beauty and safety of your home. Lighting should always be carefully chosen, since it can influence all the elements it shines upon, the color of the wall’s paint, the artwork on display and even the carpets spread on the room floor. Thus, all the lighting needs and sources should be planned in advance and thoroughly, from the central piece that brightens the entire space to the small, focused items, such as reading lamps. Should you want to improve the lighting system in your house, have a look at these clever living room lighting ideas.

1. Multi-Tiered Pendants

multi tiered pendant

Want to go a little glam without looking too showy? Add in minimal brass accents, like a metal-frame coffee table and eye-catching metallic lighting. This living room is also a good blueprint for small space decorating. While the only three furniture items are two seats and a small coffee table, the ceiling light is all it takes to make the entire room feel special.

2. Oversized Lamps

oversized lamps

An oversized, yet simple arched floor lamp, providing ample dim light, can create a modern, cozy living room. With its slim, but visible shape, these lamps could easily be used as pieces of furniture as well, as they embellish the room even when turned off.  Try to look at the illumination system in the living room not only as the source of light, but also as a decorative item, whether you go for a classical Arco Floor Lamp or for an accessible northern design, like a tripod floor lamp.

3. Paired Lights

paired lights

You can enjoy your lighting twice as much with twin pendant lights, that suspended over the coffee or dining table create the sense of symmetry and equilibrium and ultimately, of a wider space.

Another way to go, applicable to large living rooms, is to divide the area into two separate zones and use identical lighting accessories in each of those.

4. Centerpiece Living Room Lighting Ideas

Modern Chandelier

One of the most popular living room lighting ideas is the chandelier, a central, prominent piece that can brighten every space. A modern item can be used in creating a contrast with a traditional setting of the living room, the traditional armchairs and leather sofas. Table lamps are also welcomed if you prefer to focus on the design of a chandelier, rather than on its lighting function. 

No matter the type of lighting installation you choose for the ceiling of your living room, antique, contemporary or idyllic, it will be the perfect detail that completes a carefully arranged space. And a dimmer switch would be a nice touch for the ambience of the room. 

Moroccan Lantern

moroccan lantern

You don’t have to decorate the entire living room with Moroccan-style furniture in order to catch a glimpse of the arabic magic, but you can include a perforated metal Moroccan lantern into the lighting installation. The exotic fixture creates a fascinating  show of lights and shadows.

5. Sculptural Sconces

Sculptural sconces are a great option that will bring life and color to the living room wall and can fill in as artwork, while still promoting a minimalist structure of the space.

Wall lights, as well as sconces, are an interesting addition to an empty wall and adequate lighting solutions for small areas, as they provide the necessary light without taking up floor or table space. Whether eye-catching and multicolored or basic, with a simple design, wall sconces are able to beautifully frame a painting or a sofa.

6. Wall Living Room Lighting Ideas

Wall Light as an Artwork

wall light artwork

If the main purpose of your living room is relaxing and watching TV, then you should consider setting up a striking wall light above the sofa. Both an element of function and art, a wall light can be a topic of discussion when entertaining and can do wonders in a smaller space.  

Shades of color

You can build a colorful living room interior that really catches the eye in the evening, under the soft, diffused light of matching wall sconces. Installed right above the seating area, they cast a mild, yet complimentary light and they also emphasize the color of the room, without taking focus from the wall paint or the artwork.

7. Living Room Ceiling Lights

Built-in ceiling installations are amongst the most popular living room lighting ideas. Although conventional floor lamps deliver most light, fixtures embedded in false ceiling structures can truly lighten up a living room. Current open spaces, as well as smaller areas cannot be crowded with a lot of furniture, which is why stylish spotlights are the perfect lighting solution. On one hand, built-in ceiling spotlights warm up any room; on the other, they meet the illumination needs of larger living rooms.

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