Practical Energy Saving Tips During the Holiday Season

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Practical Energy Saving Tips During the Holiday Season

With the festivities of Christmas just a few weeks away, many of us are looking to decorate our houses with the usual plethora of glittering lights and inflatable decorations. However, that also means a hike in power consumption, even if some of the more thrifty Christmas enthusiasts among us keep the lights on for a portion of every night. So how can you save on your energy bills without affecting the mood of Christmas? Here are some tips to save on electricity during this festive season.

Reduce Your Hourly Usage

As mentioned before, setting timers for lights to turn on and off at appropriate times after the sun sets will cut back heavily on electrical costs. There aren’t many people to show off to when everyone is sleeping, so switching off the lights at the strike of midnight might be a good idea. Keeping the lights on for less than eight hours a night is especially important if you still use traditional incandescent bulbs.

Entertain Efficiently

The holidays can bring many visitors; this means a lot of food and cooking. As soon as your guests arrive after finishing up with preparation, make sure you turn down your thermostat. The combination of the running stove, the hot foods and the house packed with visitors are enough to keep the house at a comfortable temperature.

Buy Energy-Efficient Gifts

While you’re focusing on cutting back your own utility bill, you can also sneak in some energy-efficient sentiment in your gifts. Consider buying efficient appliances for Christmas, such as lamps containing compact fluorescent light bulbs instead of traditional ones.

Use Lighting Fixtures Less

If you’re using Christmas lights indoors as well as outdoors, the lighting fixtures you use during normal times of the year might not be needed for the Christmas holiday. When placed in strategic areas on the walls or centers of the room, white Christmas lights can keep living rooms lit without the use of standard home lights. Though it goes without saying, always remember to switch off electronic components and lights as soon as you leave the room.

Planning Your Holiday Shopping

Many people use cars a lot during holidays while shopping and looking for electrical services. Where possible, plan out your shopping route to take as little trips as possible. Taking extra round trips is not only a hassle, but it also burns through your gasoline faster than you might think. If you’re hard-pressed to find something to do with your family during a night in December, consider walking the neighborhood to take a look at your neighbor’s decorations. They’ll make for some memorable photos, and you could get to know your neighbors better too.

For many people, Christmas lights on their trees, around their mantles, and even in their gardens are important seasonal decorations. These decorations create a cozy, atmospheric glow, and they’re hard for passer-bys to miss. Unfortunately, they will no doubt increase your energy consumption during Christmas, which in turn has a negative impact on the environment and the climate at large. Following these simple tips takes just a little bit more presence of mind. In exchange, you get to take solace that you’re making a difference. To help you on your holiday endeavors, contact electricians that offer energy-saving electrical services such as Penna Electric.