3 Types Of Office Light Fixtures For Your Business

January 27, 2021 | Cristina Dinulescu

Office lighting is oftentimes disregarded when redecorating and that’s really a shame that it happens. The truth is that choosing the right office lighting fixtures can be one of the best investments you make. Appropriate lighting can have a positive impact on your staff’s morale and productivity level. It can also increase the security of your building, as well as overall customer satisfaction.

In order to call a specific office lighting system a success, several requirements need to be met. You need to consider aspects like effective illumination, which allows your employees to adequately complete their tasks, or energy efficiency to lower those utility costs and choose the right office light fixtures for your building. So, why not have a look over a few different types of office lighting? Discover your options, the aspects you need to consider, and how to choose the right office lighting fixture for your building.

1. Incandescent Office Light Fixtures

incandescent office lights

Incandescent is the less popular option, used mostly in older fixture models. Incandescent bulbs are the least energy-efficient, they burn at a higher temperature, have a shorter average life rating, and consume more energy. 

One of the biggest advantages of this type of lighting is that it comes to full lumen output faster than fluorescent lights. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly despite the high energy consumption. The filament is made from tungsten, which is non-dangerous material. In contrast, fluorescent bulbs tend to use mercury. In terms of purpose, incandescent lights are usually used to light task-related areas, being more of an accent-type lighting. 

It’s important to note that according to the US GSA (General Services Administration), every type of work environment requires a specific amount of light for employees to safely work under. For instance, a normal workstation requires 500 lumens per square meter. That’s the amount of light you would receive from a 35-watt incandescent light bulb. 

The GSA also recommends fluorescent ceiling fixtures and bulbs as the best office lighting system. You should also make sure that the entire office space is properly illuminated and make sure to take the proper steps and adjust the existing problem areas. 

2. Compact Fluorescent Office Light Fixtures

Fluorescent office light fixtures

When comparing it to incandescent lighting, compact fluorescent lighting comes out as the big winner, being perceived as the superior lighting solution. First of all, it lasts almost 20 times longer than incandescent. Secondly, it offers a higher lumen output and burns at a cooler temperature. 

Compact fluorescent bulbs are not the perfect solution though. Mercury is sometimes used in their making, so they are not exactly environmentally friendly. Disposing of these bulbs may prove to be quite tricky. They are also prone to flickering. However, they do offer a wide scope of illumination. Easy to install and replace, they are commonly used in office buildings as T8 and T5 tubes. 

You have two types of compact fluorescent light fixtures to choose from: integrated and non-integrated. Integrated lamps combine the ballast and tube in one unit, allowing users to easily replace incandescent lamps with compact fluorescent fixtures. 

Compact fluorescent lighting fixtures are popular for hallway sconces in condominium associations or hotels, or as office recessed lights. With an average 10,000 hour life, these light fixtures give a crisp bright light, highly suitable for both task work and ambient lighting. 

In fact, plenty of warehouses and outdoor security lights are being refitted with high wattage compact fluorescent bulbs, replacing even the 250 w metal halide bulbs. 

3. LED Office Light Fixtures

led office light fixtures

For many reasons, LED is considered the best office lighting solution. For one thing, they are the longest lasting option. Secondly, they can pull low wattages with incredibly high lumens outputs, while operating at the coolest temperature. 

It’s true that this lighting option can be pricey, and this is definitely a drawback. But, if you think about it, you get a good return on investment, because LED bulbs last longer. Plus, LED comes in plenty of models, making it the perfect option for offices. You can find LEDs in the form of tubes, rope lighting, bulbs, and more. 

LED office lighting fixtures are regarded as the best because of advantages like:

  • long hours of bright light 
  • ability to save energy 
  • ability to save money
  • eco-friendliness

So, if you are looking to lower your maintenance costs, and provide adequate lighting for the employees working in your office buildings, then you should definitely consider investing in LED office lights. 

The fact that LED lights are the future of both commercial and residential lighting is not based on financial reasons only. Many studies have been conducted to assess the impact of lighting on productivity, mood and even minor health-related issues, such as headaches, migraines and eye strain. According to the studies, LED has positive effects on the level of vitality, mood, and performance of your employees. 

The studies point out that the performance level can increase with 3% or more as a result of switching to LED lighting. By improving performance, productivity and sales are also increased, meaning a higher income for the company. On the other hand, poor lighting can cause a variety of issues, not the least of which is stress. Furthermore, this light solution offers a safer working environment, no matter the time of the day. 

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