Kitchen Lighting Ideas For Every Style

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Many people say that the kitchen is the heart of a home and with good reason. Whether you cook, entertain, or have your family meals in there, the kitchen is one of the rooms you spend the majority of your time in when you’re at home. That’s why having proper illumination and putting a lot of thought into kitchen lighting ideas is important. A run-of-the-mill pendant light might do the trick in terms of illumination, but if you want to create a special spot, and give it character, then check out below some unique ideas.

From chandeliers and pendants to flush-mount lighting fixtures, globes, and more, there is a wide range of kitchen lighting ideas to suit any style and taste. If you’re remodeling your kitchen, make sure you give lighting the attention and consideration it deserves, as oftentimes it’s being overlooked in favor of all other big decisions, such as cabinetry, countertops, or appliances. 

But overlooking lighting is a big mistake, not just because it can definitely style up your kitchen, but also because it is crucial to the kitchen’s functionality. The perfect kitchen lighting will both brighten and enhance the space. You should also make sure to talk to an electrician, especially if the remodeling involves more than swapping some fixtures. The electrician will also be able to provide you with important information on energy efficiency. In the state of California, Title 24 makes energy efficiency a requirement in residential lighting.

1. Stylish Kitchen Light Pendants

stylish kitchen lighting

When it comes to kitchen lighting ideas, pendant lights are the first to come to mind for many people. This is because they’re very common in kitchens. That’s not to say, however, that they can’t be unique or interesting. To make a statement, you can choose large, industrial pendants, which go perfectly in rustic kitchens, but also in more modern looks.

Another way to go for modern, city-vibe kitchens is a billiards-style pendant. With sleek lines and bright lights, it will definitely be the centerpiece of your kitchen design. Glass pendants can also enhance your kitchen, the clear glass bringing a subtle elegance for more sumptuous spaces.

2. Kitchen Lighting Everywhere

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A unique aspect about kitchens is that general lighting is as important as task lighting. Therefore, one of the best kitchen lighting ideas is to have fixtures everywhere. Think recessed lighting for general illumination or flush-mount fixtures, then wall sconces for the sink or the stove areas, as well as multiple pendants or a chandelier for the kitchen island or the bar area if you have one.

3. Kitchen Chandeliers

kitchen chandeliers

Chandeliers are sumptuous light fixtures and they definitely need the right type of kitchen to work, but there are now so many styles available that you could easily find the right one for you. If your kitchen is more farmhouse styled, then a black iron chandelier could do the trick. The industrial shape of these fixtures can echo the ceiling of a tall space, especially angled ceilings. 

Multi-globe chandeliers are also extremely charming and perfectly combine glamorous with cool, so they work beautifully in a range of spaces. They are definitely statement-making light fixtures that bring character to your kitchen and can give it a whole new personality. 

kitchen multi globe chandeliers

If glam is not your style, and you need to add a bit of a modern edge to a traditional kitchen, then industrial-style chandeliers can be the way to go. They usually come with a stainless steel finish that could easily match your appliances. 

4. String Lights

If you are really thinking outside the box and want something completely different for your kitchen, then string lights may just do the trick. It’s definitely one of the most unique kitchen lighting ideas, but could work in the right space. If you have exposed beams in the kitchen, you can use the space to hang string lights in an artful way. They will add a warm glow to the room and a beautiful twinkle. 

kitchen string lights

A similar effect can be achieved with exposed wire pendants, but with a more industrial look and feel. The hanging wires and the shape of the pendants usually work well in modern kitchens with clean, sleek lines. 

string lights kitchen

5. Mix and Match Kitchen Light Fixtures

As mentioned above, having lights everywhere in the kitchen can be very practical, but it can also enhance the space. If the room allows it, you can incorporate different shapes and sizes of a single style of light fixture. This will enable you to add depth and dimension to your lighting, while still maintaining a cohesive look. 

You could also try to incorporate track lighting, another popular kitchen lighting idea. The track will give you multiple light fixtures that you can angle differently, depending on what your task is. In combination with recessed lighting, they can answer all the lighting needs. Plus, with today’s smart bulbs, you can enjoy great convenience by connecting your lighting to Amazon Alexa or Google Nest. You can also choose from a great variety of shades and dimmable LEDs.

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