How To Choose The Best Outdoor Electric Heater?

electric outdoor heater

If you are looking to make the best of your patio then you should definitely consider an outdoor electric heater. The truth is that electric patio heaters are great devices. An important aspect to consider is that they do not register harmful emissions, so they are almost perfectly safe to use in enclosed spaces. Plus, you can forget all about ignition components, burners, valves, even moving parts; all you need to do is to plug the heater in and flick a switch to turn it on. 

As opposed to gas models, which cannot be flush-mounted, electric heaters are more flexible in terms of installation, which makes them a better option. Moreover, in places where gas models struggle below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, you can definitely turn to an outdoor electric heater. 

You have plenty of heater options to choose from too. There is a model for every situation. Some models may bring you more benefits than others, but deciding which heater suits your needs best will of course depend on a number of aspects like your location, the size of your patio and more. However, whatever your decision might be, you need to always consider all safety instructions when it comes to electricity outdoors.

What To Look For In An Outdoor Electric Heater?

ceiling outdoor electric heater

Wondering where to start? When deciding between electric heaters, trying to figure out which model is best to warm your heart and body, there are certain things to look for. Many people like creating short lists with the top choices, ranking the best electric patio heaters for outdoor use. If that’s the case, here is three criteria that will help: 

  1. Quality: It is very important to make sure that the electric patio heater you invest in can withstand all sorts of weather manifestations. You need to invest in high-quality, durable heaters you can rely on for many years to come. 
  2. Performance: A trustworthy electric heater uses infrared heat. This means the heat it generates is focused, and it won’t disperse in the air, but rather directly warm you and anything surrounding you. Basically, their entire energy will be converted into heat, highly resistant to any weather conditions, including wind. 
  3. Features: It is important to check what kind of features electric heaters have. For instance, if your heater comes with optional mounting kits meant to secure your home with powerful, directional heat which is highly resistant to wind, then you’ll be enjoying extra benefits. 

Options For An Outdoor Electric Heater 

electric outdoor heater on a patio

When it comes to outdoor heaters, you have three main options: portable, mounted, or fixed. You can also find slim heater options. Once they are mounted, whether on the wall or ceiling, they are no longer considered portable. However, they make a wonderful choice for small spaces. 

If you have an enclosed outdoor dining area, a wall or ceiling mounted heater is a great choice. Around the pool area, floor-mounted heaters are the preferred options, while in order to heat walkways, pole-mounted heaters are generally used. As you can see, finding just the right option for your needs is possible, given the many alternatives on the market today. 

Mounted Outdoor Electric Heaters

Ideal for areas where there is limited floor space, mounted heaters come very in handy. Some electrical heaters can be used in safe conditions in enclosed areas and some models can be mounted flush with your ceiling or wall, this way ensuring that it blends in with the decor. Even if you do have the floor space, mounted electric heaters can still be the better choice, as they really don’t inconvenience you or the decor at all. 

Portable Outdoor Heaters

Even though most portable heaters are propane, you can find some models that are electric as well. Their only advantage is that they are, as the name suggests, portable, which means you can move them around  the yard, from the patio to the back garden and so on. However, keep in mind you’ll need a source of electricity in all the places you’d want to use the heater.  

The Infrared Ceiling Outdoor Heater

infrared outdoor electric heater

If your patio is covered, so you have ceiling space, then the infrared ceiling outdoor electric heater is the best option. It saves space, it generates infrared heat, you don’t have to worry about it being an obstacle or a hazard, it’s really a great way to heat your patio. 

The Infratech WD-Series electric patio heaters are a very popular option on the market. They are also highly regarded by experts because they are efficient and durable. Here are a few benefits of these ceiling-mounted infrared outdoor heaters: 

  • They are more energy-efficient than gas heaters.
  • They provide multiple installation options.
  • They use infrared radiant heat to ensure you’re being kept warm and not the surrounding air.
  • They’re made in the USA.

One of the top benefits of the infrared outdoor electric heater is that it’s eco-friendly. By using extremely efficient heating, it can provide lasting warmth without actually damaging the environment. Besides converting more energy into heat than the gas-powered options and not being affected by the wind, these models produce no greenhouse emissions or ultraviolet light. In fact, they are made using recyclable materials. 

The infrared heat travels in waves until it crosses paths with a person or an object. Instead of warming the surrounding air, this heater goes directly to warm the person, showing great resistance to wind. Plus, these heaters have dual heating elements, concentrating heat in large spaces. And they are even UL-listed for both outdoor and indoor use. You can stay warm no matter where you are. 

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