4 Reasons Why Energy Saving Should Be Your 2021 Resolution

energy saving resolution

Energy conservation is a popular topic today, as more and more people are interested in saving energy. Every homeowner or entrepreneur wants to cut down on energy consumption, keeping the bill under control. However, energy conservation is not the same thing as energy efficiency, because this implies using a lower amount of energy for continuous service. For instance, to illustrate the difference between the two, you can take driving as an example. To achieve energy conservation, you ought to drive less. To be energy efficient, you would require using a higher mileage car, while utilizing the same amount of fuel. 

With more discussions regarding the severity of global warming and the need to switch to green living, with the introduction of hybrid cars and the search for alternative energy sources, it’s clear that society wants the shift to an earth-conscious world to be a fast one. So, as this difficult year comes to an end and people are looking hopefully towards 2021, energy saving should make the cut for anyone’s resolution list. Understanding why saving as much energy as one can is important and what impact it can have, will most certainly help in actually doing so. 

1. It’s Good For The Environment

energy saving is good for the environment

A great part of the energy we are using today comes from fossil fuels. These fossil fuels are refined into energy in the form of electricity for home applications or gasoline for vehicles. However, during the transformation process, vast amounts of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere. The biggest contributor to the greenhouse effect and global warming is none other than carbon dioxide. 

Global warming is difficult to deny as a phenomenon, as it carries obvious and significant consequences upon our day to day life. Some of these consequences include a rise in atmospheric temperatures, changing weather patterns, rising sea levels, threatening to submerge some islands, and the propagation of deadly diseases like cancer. Through energy saving, the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is reduced and consequently, it lowers the possibility of global warming.

Additionally, the more energy is conserved, the less water is used. Water conservation is critical for the future of life on earth. Water is vital to life and it makes up two-thirds of the surface of the planet. Not only should we focus on conserving water, but we should also work to clean it from pollution, in order to keep biosystems working properly. Massive amounts of water are necessary to fuel hydropower plants so they can generate energy. 

The construction of power plants should be limited as well. Even though most perceive the construction of power plants like a bright prospect, the truth is that these have a huge impact on the environment. 

  1. First of all, they are unsightly, meaning they interfere with the natural aesthetic value of the scenery. 
  2. Secondly, they can create great sound pollution, generating a lot of noise while producing energy. 
  3. Thirdly, they pose real threats to our health due to the fumes produced which can be responsible for respiratory diseases if inhaled over time. Plus, the installation of wind energy systems like turbines can kill local birds that fly into them. By conserving energy, adequate supply is created, reducing the need to construct new power plants. 

2. Energy Saving Mitigates Depletion of Resources 

According to research, the universe is expected to continue consuming 2% more energy each year than it did the previous one, unless of course measures are taken. The problem is that we consume more energy than resources we’re able to discover, especially when it comes to oil resources necessary to bridge the energy gap. This means that the available oil reserves are declining every day. 

The greatest sources of oil are located in countries or areas currently subject to political turmoil, and as a consequence, they are not safe. That is why conflict is created with high energy consumers like the U.S. or China. To prevent further conflicts and to shield the population, conserving energy is essential. 

3. It Saves You Money

energy saving saves you money

Money is not the biggest motivation there is. Energy conservation is an extra benefit for Mother Nature, but the truth is that it’s quite advantageous for your bottom-line as well. Your energy bills are lowered as a result of your efforts towards energy saving. Installing alternative energy equipment like solar in your home and purchasing energy-saving devices can help you qualify for tax incentives and rebates

When making energy-efficient investments and improvements, consumers are awarded financial assistance, coming in the form of tax credits or rebates, even energy-efficient financing. You need to search for incentives in your area and discover the available financing options. 

This search will help you learn more about financing options. You can search for state, federal, or local incentives that can help you balance the cost of energy-efficient improvements and renewable energy technologies in your house. Also, if you are selling, buying, refinancing, or remodeling a home, you can benefit from energy-efficient financing. 

4. It Boosts Social Responsibility & Human Health

Burning coal is the primary energy source in countries like the USA. This provides the electricity to meet the needs of the population. However, this means that miners put their lives and health in danger every day, by going deep into coal mines. Because of the explosive nature of gas and oil mines, miners are exposing themselves to serious dangers. Plus, health complications due to long-term inhalation of these fossil fuels can occur. 

Asthma or lung cancer are among the most severe medical complications, caused by pollution from energy resources like natural gas, oil, or coal. Unnecessary suffering, together with extraordinary medical costs are also brought about. Energy saving ensures less carbon footprint and consequently, fewer cases of respiratory diseases.

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