5 Electric Kitchen Appliances You Have To Have

electric kitchen appliances

Electrical safety in the kitchen is very important, and every contractor knows now the importance of having AFCI and GFCI circuit interrupters in kitchens, especially the countertop area. The reason for it is that the kitchen is most likely the one room in your house with the largest number of appliances. Whether you love to cook or you want to make things as easy as possible for you, electric kitchen appliances can help you bring healthy and delicious meals to the table. 

Convenience is one of the main reasons why people have an array of electric kitchen appliances, as cooking food without them can be time-consuming and tiring. However, if you don’t have a big budget or a big kitchen, then you might be limited when it comes to the number of appliances to have. After all, kitchens come in all shapes and sizes and a studio apartment kitchen will not give you as much space and flexibility as a suburban home kitchen.

That said, no matter how much space you’ve got, here are 5 electric kitchen appliances that you must have on your counters, and that won’t break the bank for you. Or, if they do, they’re totally worth it!

1. Electric Food Processor

electric food processor

An electric food processor is a highly versatile kitchen appliance that can do many things in your kitchen. If you have a family, opt for larger capacity models, like a 12-cup processor. However, for a single meal, a mini-prep food processor can work wonders. 

The most time-consuming job when cooking is the prep. The food processor helps with that, as it significantly reduces preparation time. It can make dough, chop onions, puree tomatoes, and so on. The appliance has razor-sharp blades, so if you do have kids, make sure to keep it away from them. Also, handle with care when washing the appliance.

2. Electric Juicer

electric juicer

Juicing can be a great way to stay fit and healthy. Buying freshly squeezed juice on a daily basis may not be sustainable,  but owning a juicer can change the way you see nutrition. There are several types to choose from too: triturating juicers, citrus juicers and cold press juicers. You can use them not only for fruits, but for veggies as well. 

Although using an electric juicer is pretty straight-forward and there’s not much electrical involved, you’d also want to be careful when cleaning it or washing it. In fact, you should consider the ease of cleaning as a factor before buying one. 

You should also take into account noise level, as some juicers can get pretty noisy, which limits the time frame to use them. Capacity and speed settings are also features to research before deciding on a brand or model.

3. Electric Stand Mixer

electric mixer

Electric mixers have been around for decades, but the technology has evolved a lot. Usually, you have a choice between a hand mixer and a stand mixer. It is considered a splurge, as some makes and models can be quite expensive, but it is a worthy investment, especially if you bake a lot.

It will definitely make your life easier even if you’re not an avid baker, with a series of basic tasks, such as beating egg whites, making whipped cream and so on. It provides great stability and you can make sure that nothing will spill over due to its usually large bowl. It’s faster too and has a strong motor, which means it will whip any kind of dough, even if it’s thick, very efficiently.

4. Electric Blender

electric blender

Blenders are also super versatile and helpful, but do you really need a countertop one or can you just get by with an immersion blender? The choice comes down to preference mainly, as well as space and budget, but an electric countertop blender will come in handy for sure. It helps with emulsifying, blending, and mixing food items

A blender will most likely mix everything from veggies to frozen fruit to big ice cubes. Take into account not just its features and size or capacity, but also how multi-functional it is and how easy to clean. Generally, it is simpler to use a blender than a mixer. 

5. Pressure Cooker

electric pressure cooker

Last, but not least, a pressure cooker deserves a spot in your kitchen, no matter how small the room may be. It’s an appliance that will also save you time, which is why many people prefer it to a slow cooker. However, if you want the best of both worlds, get the Instant Pot. 

The pressure cooker uses steam to cook food much faster than usual. It also helps with nutrition, as it keeps the food rich in nutrients. The pressure cooker saves not only time, but also water and energy. Plus, it will allow you to be more versatile in your cooking. 

Capacity is one of the main considerations when people buy a pressure cooker. Just like with the food processor, if you have a family, then a bigger capacity pressure cooker is ideal. However, you should be aware of other features as well, especially safety features like a power indicator, lid rock or steam release. You should also make sure that the pressure cooker’s handle is made out of Bakelite or any other material that’s not a heat conductor. 

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