Creative Christmas Light Ideas That Will Make Your House Both Merry And Bright

Christmas light ideas

Christmas is getting closer and closer, and everyone’s getting ready for one of the biggest holidays of the year. Now, odds are you already have your own Christmas decoration collection, which only gets bigger and bigger each year, and most likely includes LED Christmas lights and displays. So why don’t you put all of them to good use with these Christmas light ideas? Follow our tips and your home will surely be shrouded in the holiday spirit.

From the subtle options to the extreme ones, you are bound to find something that fits your home and style perfectly. Just make sure, no matter what you go for, that you carefully consider safety practices when it comes to installing the lights. If you need to, you can even do a little research and learn more about how holiday lights work and the difference between parallel and series lights.

1. Christmas Light Ideas For The Roof

roof christmas light ideas

When decorating your home for the Christmas holidays, a good place to start is the roof. In any display, Christmas roof lights occupy a leading position. They are the foundation of the entire arrangement so it’s important to pay attention to details. 

Here are a few tips to consider regarding the best roof lights: 

  • C7/C9 Bulbs: These are the classic option, the C7 and C9 bulbs being a highly popular option in terms of Christmas lights. This is because of the larger size, which makes them much more visible than other alternatives on the market. This way, they can be viewed from a distance.  You can create light arrangements using light strings and C-bulbs separately or you can choose hardwired C7 & C9 light sets, which are highly convenient. 
  • The Icicle Lights: These are highly popular and elegant and a preferred choice for roof,  overhangs, peaks, awnings, and windows displays. Traditional white lights are the ones people love the most, but there are combinations which make a lovely choice. For instance, a red with green combination makes a great Christmas theme.  
  • Cascade Light Tubes & Falling Icicles: If you are looking to get that unique dripping icicle effect and subtle motion, then this is the option for you. It’s true that with this option you are thinking outside the box. Also, know that cascading light tubes and falling icicles fit standard C9 and C7 receptacles. 

If you are looking for extra creativity, why not consider alternating bulb colors to create playful patterns which always catch the eye? These would make a lovely addition to the Christmas roof light arrangement. You can play with color combinations with C7 and C9 bulbs or you can even choose from themed light sets, which combine bulbs and strings. These LED Christmas lights definitely bring on the Christmas spirit and help you create a fantastic outdoor holiday display. In terms of a few themes, here are some options: 

  • Christmas Classic – Red and Green
  • Winter Wonderland – Blue and White
  • Candy Cane – Red and White
  • Unique Aquatic – Blue and Green

2. Christmas Light Ideas For The Yard 

yard Christmas light ideas

If there is one thing that says holiday display, then that’s the Christmas yard decorations, which are usually appreciated by the entire neighborhood. And the good news is that there are many yard decoration ideas you can choose from, making the road to your doorstep a fairytale one. You can decorate your yard with lights, garlands, and even bows to draw attention this holiday season. 

Here are a few other fun DIY outdoor Christmas decorating ideas you might want to consider: 

1. Create Popular Christmas Light Balls 

Christmas light balls

Placing various size balls of lights across the lawn to catch the eye of all the passersby. It’s an innovative and interesting Christmas light idea, and not so difficult to achieve. To get that amazing effect, you can create a whimsical scene in your yard simply by wrapping Christmas lights around chicken wire balls. All you need for this project are strings of LED mini lights, wire cutters, and chicken wire. 

2. Add Animation With A Tree of Lights 

Another great idea would be to have a tree of lights that can shine brightly and be the centerpiece of your Christmas yard decorations. And here’s how you do it. With the help of a basketball pole, gutter hooks, a tree topper, C7 light strings, and light stakes, you can make your own tree. To add animation, play with twinkle and regular bulbs. 

3. Decorate an Outdoor Christmas Tree

If you are fortunate enough to have evergreen trees in your yard, then why not create an outdoor Christmas tree? This will certainly brighten up the entire space. Choose a theme based on the outdoor decoration and string mini lights throughout the branches. Also, you can string a few lights on the interior branches instead of draping them on the exterior branches. This way, you’ll get that brighter effect. 

4. Decorate with Topiary Animals

There is nothing that can bring the warmth of the holiday season better than lighted topiary animals in the yard, placed next to trees or nestled near bushes. Use lighted creatures made of either grapevine or artificial greenery to create a group of grazing deer. You can position them to illustrate Santa’s reindeer pulling the sled. Topiary animals can be found in warm incandescent or LED light colors, coming in differing heights. 

3. Christmas Light Ideas For Walkways 

yard Christmas lights

To top it all off, outline the walkway using pathway lights. This way, you will be creating a bright and welcoming path for your family and your guests. Remember that the stakes hold the light strings in place. So, when deciding on the height of the light stakes, do consider local weather patterns and make decisions accordingly. 15-inch stakes are recommended for yards with lots of snow, but for areas without snow, 4.4-inch stakes are suitable. Pathway light kits come with the popular C7 and C9 bulbs. You can choose between LED or incandescent bulbs, although LED lights are far more popular now. You can also choose between clear lights and multicolor. 

If your walkway doesn’t have natural hedges, you can place walkway trees along the sidewalk to accompany the lights. Also, consider the colors of the lights as to complement them and those used to decorate the rest of your home. If you are using a particular color theme for your home, then cool white lighting for your walkways will pair with your home lighting beautifully. 

Snowflake and star motif lights look amazing when hung on the gate. This is another Christmas decorating idea you can use to create a winter wonderland display. Also, hanging garlands on the fences can bring that sparkle you’re looking for. You can use pre lit garlands or wrap unlit ones with the lights of your choice to quickly decorate your home. Choose long garlands for your fences and add a ribbon to make the decor look even better. Another idea would be to use the drape icicle lights over fences. This way, you’ll be creating the impression of falling snow.

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