A Business Owners Guide To Choosing A Commercial Electrician

As a business owner, you have great responsibilities not only towards your customers, but to your staff as well. Among those, the most important one is, probably, ensuring a safe and secure workplace for your employees. It’s essential to have an electric system that functions properly, and therefore resort to the best commercial electrician, especially since businesses rely on a greater number of electronic devices.

These, together with any appliances, as well as lighting and security systems, can put a significant load on your electrical system, which is why you need to be able to rely on a professional commercial electrician for any verifications or work you might require. Plus, businesses go through renovations more often than residential buildings. Your designer may recommend making significant changes, such as transforming the entire lighting system. 

So having the right electrician to help you with the wiring or lighting installation is definitely something you want. Here are a few tips on how to choose the right commercial electrician for your needs.

A Business Owners Guide To Choosing A Commercial Electrician

Residential vs Commercial Electrician : What’s The Difference?

Before going any further with your research you need to understand that there is a difference between a residential and a commercial electrician, although a lot of companies out there offer both services. However, when looking for an electrician for your business, make sure they offer commercial services.

Commercial Electricians (Who They Are & What They Do)

Commercial electricians specialize in the servicing, verification, and installation of various electrical systems associated with commercial buildings. These experts need to be aware of all existing safety standards specific to each industry or the industry they are specialized in.

Additionally, their work needs to adhere to the electrical code. This means constantly keeping up with the changes that may appear in the local codes. Among the duties of a commercial electrician, one can mention:

  • The installation or renovation of the existing equipment
  • Verification and repairing of cooling and heating units
  • Installation of security systems or other electronic equipment.
  • Wiring of generators, transformers, or breaker panels
  • Upgrading or replacing electrical panels
  • Lighting installation

Residential Electricians (Who They Are & What They Do)

While residential electricians can be just as skilled as commercial ones, their area of expertise includes the constructions, servicing, and restoration of insulations as well as the verification, upgrade, and servicing of the residential electrical system.

Even though your residential electrician does a phenomenal job and you are highly satisfied with the services provided, a commercial electrician is a better fit for your business. If the company that provides you with residential electrical services also offers commercial services, then you can talk to them about what previous experience they have with your type of project.

4 Things A Business Owner Should Know When Hiring A Commercial Electrician

There are plenty of electrical services available in the LA area and the South Bay, which is great on the one hand, but it can also complicate the decision-making process. So, here are 4 aspects you should consider when looking for the right specialist for your commercial property.

1. Only Use A Licensed Commercial Electrician

It goes without saying that when it comes to electrical work, commercial or otherwise, you should only hire licensed electricians. The electrician you’re working with should have the proper licensing and insurance for the type of work you need.

If you are not working with a licensed commercial electrician, you:

  • will be liable if he suffers any accidents or injuries on the job;
  • will have to cover all damages if something goes wrong;
  • will not receive coverage if your electrician vanishes before the work is completed.

2. Choose An Electrician With Commercial Experience (Ask For References)

Commercial electrical systems are usually complex. However, an experienced electrician can quickly identify the real problem and find a solution that meets both your business needs and your budget. 

In lieu of a correct diagnosis, you could end up spending a lot of money without actually solving the problem. Depending on the severity of the electrical problem, your business could be affected greatly by the malfunction. 

3. Choose A Well-Informed Commercial Electrician

The electrical system of your business or commercial property is not the only thing that’s unique, so are the safety requirements. These differ depending on the industry, so it is advisable to choose a professional that is familiar with your industry. They will also be familiar with all the existing safety codes and regulations, local and national.

4. Use A Commercial Electrician Hired By Someone You Know & Trust

It’s always a good idea to ask for recommendations, especially when it comes to choosing electrical services. You can always rely on the advice of a person you know and trust, especially if you are both part of the same industry. 

Sometimes negative experiences speak just as loud as positive ones, so consider those as well. Even if you won’t be given any recommendations, you will at least know where to not take your business. 

Reviews are a good place to start as well. The opinions of both former and present customers are very important and they may provide you with a better understanding of the kind of work the electrician can provide you with. 

As a business owner, you know exactly how important choosing the right partners is. Electric work makes no exception to this rule. Having an experienced, knowledgeable, licensed electrician take care of your business gives you the peace of mind that all is well and that you are receiving reliable services.  So, take your time, weigh your options, analyze them carefully and choose the right specialist for your needs.