Best EV Charging Station For Residential Use

best ev charging station

Your electric car is powered from an electric outlet, instead of conventional fuels. And just as you’d want the best gas for your car, you also want the best EV charging station. Electric vehicle charging stations, or electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), are reliable sources of electricity that provide power to your EV the same way gasoline powers a fuel-based car. And just like

Still, an EV charging station is no regular charger, as the latter is simply a device that transforms the power from the household main grid into stored electricity. That is not the case with electric cars, where the charger is in the car’s battery, so the charging stations work as agents, supplying the source of electricity and the battery is responsible for the charging.

When looking at EVs, one should consider that the best EV charging station for residential use is the one that offers faster charging than the standard equipment of the EV, a cable which charges at the slow speed of 2-5 miles per hour. There is a large variety of EVSE to choose from: from smart, fast Wi-Fi connected devices that can keep a schedule and send notifications to simpler options that perform only one task, supplying electricity to the cars; from outdoor units to the ones that include extended cables, so owners could use indoor outlets.

1. ChargePoint Home Flex

chargepoint ev charging station

The compact ChargePoint Home Flex is a smart charger and possibly the best EV charging station in terms of power, with its 50 amp capacity. It is quite easy to use, with an integrated connector case, which has a back light and pivots and its standard 23-foot cable. This charging station comes as a plug-in or hardwired device. 

The ChargePoint Home Flex can use WiFi connection and also Nest thermostats, in order to deliver its users monthly reports regarding energy consumption. The smart charger employs the ChargePoint app to control the unit and to access charging history.


  • Elegant, still simple design
  • Various smart-charging features: scheduled charging to save costs, connection to the smart home system
  • Adjustable power outlet to fit the electrical panel capacity


  • Its elevated price (approximately  $700)
  • Doesn’t allow power sharing – using the same electric circuit to supply energy to several devices
  • It has a shorter lifespan than other charging stations

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2. ClipperCreek HCS-40

clipper creek ev charging station

The ClipperCreekHCS-40, although not a smart charging equipment, is one of the best built and resistant EV chargers on the market nowadays. With a vast experience in the EV charging field, ClipperCreek maintains its reputation and supplies durable chargers for outdoor residential use.

This EVSE is a 32-amp unit that comes with a 25 foot cord and a detached connector holster. This last feature is quite practical, as it protects the connector when the device is not in use and it is a suitable storage solution.


  • The company provides excellent customer service
  • The standard cable’s length is considerable, at 25-foot
  • There are plenty of accessible models


  • It is not a smart-charger
  • Its value for money is rather low compared to similar charging stations

Even though the ClipperCreekHCS-40 has a plain design and cannot use a WiFi connection, it has great reviews, especially for its outdoor installations. This charger is built in America and it is sold with a three-year warranty.  

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3. Grizzl-E Level 2 EV Charger

grizzl-e ev charging station

The Grizzl-E Classic by United Chargers is an affordable 40-amp charging station created to withstand any outdoor challenge. As a non-smart charger, it is not the apps or smart-charging features that appeal to EV owners, but its adjustable power that adapts to any electric circuit it connects to.

The supply equipment is available in both plug-in and hardwired versions.


  • It has a compact design, suitable to any home
  • It provides high power charging, thus lowering the charging time
  • The price (around $400) gives this unit a competitive edge in a rising market


  • It is not a smart-charger
  • Bulky cable can make the EV charger harder to use

The portable Grizzl-E Classic NEMA 06-50 Plug with 18 Feet Regular Cable is most likely the best EV charging station for all weather conditions, plus it is compatible with all models of electric cars and Plug-In Hybrid vehicles from the North American market.

This charger is built to overcome not only circuit irregularities (overheating, voltage variations), but also environmental hazards, being waterproof and fireproof. Yet, it is user friendly and quick to install.

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4. Tesla Wall Connector

tesla ev charging station

Tesla cars have proprietary connectors that are recommended for daily charging. Following this policy, the company provides a 48-amp smart-changer, a reliable and cost efficient device that is clearly the top choice for Tesla owners. However, the car manufacturer also supplies adapters for the EVs, in order to be able to use the standard J1772-equipped chargers.


  • Stylish design, unique on the market
  • Adjustable power outlet, that also allows fast charging
  • No adapter is required for home charging


  • The cable it comes with is rather short (18-foot)
  • Although a smart charger, there are no smart-charging features available at the moment
  • It has only a hardwire version

Some of the features of Tesla Wall Connector include, among others, power levels that adapt to different circuit breakers, compatibility with all household electrical systems, allowing power sharing up to four connectors and Wi-Fi connectivity.

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5. Enel X JuiceBox 40

enel x ev charging station

The 40-amp smart-charger Enel X JuiceBox 40 can easily be designated the best EV charging station when it comes to various connectivity attributes it provides: charging time scheduling, sending its users reminders, connecting to different AI systems, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

The EVSE can manage multiple units, enabling two cars to be charged from one electric circuit. It can also generate feedback for utility demand in order to save money and energy.


  • Its standard cable is 25-foot long
  • It’s a good fit for outdoor use
  • It offers fast charging thanks to an adaptable high power output


  • The standard cable is not exactly flexible
  • The connector case lacks in design
  • It is high-priced

The high power charging equipment combines speed (up to 7 times faster than other devices) with connectivity features. It uses an app, JuiceNet, to control the charging process remotely, thus it can send notifications when a car needs to be charged or when it is charged completely, or it can schedule charging hours to reduce the cost of energy. Efficient, yet complex, this charging station can be easy to use through voice control.

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