A Beginner’s Guide to Smart Home Security and Communication Systems

Picture this: You walk in the door at work and realize you forgot to lock your front door. What now? There’s no time to rush back home and your neighbor doesn’t wake up until at least noon. No worries. Because you chose to turn your home into a smart home, your security system is now linked to an app on your cell phone. Simply speak the command “Lock front door” and your front door locks itself immediately.

The example we just gave is not a scene out of a sci-fi movie, this is real life and it’s coming to a town near you! Smart home technology is fast becoming the new way of life for many people. In the information age, we are becoming more and more dependent on devices to help us organize our lives and get things done.

An electrician from Penna Electric can help you set up a smart home security and communication system. They have the knowledge and experience to get everything wired and working properly so you can begin enjoying your new modern addition to your home.

Where to Begin

It’s important to understand that home security and communication systems come in wired and wireless formats. Your best bet is to invest in a gateway device that will support either system, that way you keep your options open.

Before purchasing a system, check with your electrician to see if one system would work better with your particular home and wiring. They have installed hundreds of these systems, so it’s best to draw on their experience before making an investment. You also want to do some online checking for product reviews.

Security Systems

A popular option for a smart  security system for you your home is a surveillance camera. Many cameras can be set up easily and come in stylish designs that look inconspicuous when strategically placed throughout your home. Outdoor monitoring systems can also be purchased and easily set up to monitor activity outside your home. Both systems can be monitored and controlled remotely and cameras have the ability to pan from side to side and zoom in when commanded. Most systems come with a two-way audio option now as well, so not only can you see what’s going on you can also hear. Pet lovers enjoy these systems when they have to be away from their furry friends for extended periods of time because it allows them to communicate with their pets and let them know they are still safe and well-loved.

Communication Systems

Long gone are the days of having to yell across the house to get someone’s attention. I remember my mom spending countless hours yelling up the stairs for us to come down for dinner to do our chores. These days, Mom or Dad can simply walk over to their smart home communication system and communicate to anyone in any room at any time.

As with smart home security systems, you are definitely going to want to consult an electrician from Penna Electricto install your system professionally so as not to ruin your brand new system or put your family at risk due to faulty wiring.

Smart home communication systems are simply a wireless intercom system that you can use either from a main hub that is centrally located in your home or from an app on your mobile device. Many smart home communication systems include small cameras so you can see who is in each room of your home. These cameras, while convenient, are not as high-quality as the cameras that come with actual home security systems, they simply let you see who is in each room. Imagine having the ability to see your child using the computer in your home office and all of a sudden a voice says, “Time to leave the video games behind and do your chores.” Your kids will look at each other and ask, “Who is that? Mom is at the grocery store!” Oh, it’s Mom alright…managing your time from the cereal aisle at Publix. Isn’t technology amazing?

If you’d like to learn more about either a smart home security or communication system, please contact Penna Electric at 310-504-2800.