5 Reasons Why LED Office Lighting Is The Best

led office lighting

It’s no longer a secret that LED lighting has plenty of positive benefits. Several studies were conducted to show the impact of LED office lighting on people’s level of productivity and alertness. The research was not limited to people at work, but also included other environments, such as schools.

In fact, some studies were conducted on soldiers in the US Army and their purpose was to measure how different lighting affects the level of productivity in army tents. The result showed that slower response times on cognitive tasks measuring verbal and spatial memories were associated with fluorescent lighting instead of LED. 

A simple walk on a sunny workday will show you exactly how significantly lighting can affect both your mood and your productivity. Recent ergonomics research points out that this phenomenon is not just an impression. According to a 2018 international survey conducted by Staples, one-third of employees would be happier at the office if better lighting was installed. 80% of employees mentioned that good lighting was very important to them. So, why is LED office lighting the best alternative? Here are 5 important reasons. 

1. LED Office Lighting Mimics Daylight

led office light mimics daylight

There is no question that the best office lighting is the good old natural daylight. However, not that many offices have constant access to natural light. So, the only solution there is to use artificial lighting to mimic natural light. Daylight’s color is typically between 5000K and 7000K. At noon, the daylight color temperature is 5600K and sunlight color temperature varies depending on weather conditions and time of day. 

Bright white light that mimics daylight, such as LED has, is highly effective for offices, as it improves work performance. Apart from helping people complete their tasks effectively without affecting their eyesight, the wavelength and brightness of ambient light can also influence the human circadian system, mood, biological clock, and alertness. 

It has also been discovered that exposure to blue light or short-wavelength during the day can improve performance. Blue light improves sleep quality and alertness and stimulates the brain. Plus, the color temperature and intensity influence the physiological processes in the human body like the core temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate variability. 

2. It Saves Energy

led office lighting saves energy

Another reason why LED office lighting enjoys such popularity is its energy consumption. LED lights consume  75% – 80% less energy than fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. This means that you can easily save money simply by switching to LED lighting. 

The best part? The fact that they use less energy does not affect the quality of the light they produce. You will continue saving money and still get sufficient light to properly illuminate the office. 

Plus, a big part of the energy consumed is used to give light. In opposition, traditional light sources like halogen lamps use heat to give light. There are more ways than one that you can save with LED lights. Since they produce less heat, you can even be reducing the energy required to use the AC units.

3. LED Office Lighting Improves ROI

In terms of life span, LED office lights have the longest life. Since they can provide light for up to 100, 000 hours, LED lights do not require frequent replacing. Their longevity can be attributed to their shatterproof glass. This is shock resistant and lacks those delicate components and filaments that can be easily destroyed. 

Additionally, a long life span brings lower maintenance costs, because you no longer have to worry about changing the bulbs frequently. Since the potential for the bulb slipping and shattering from frequent replacements is significantly reduced, the risk of injuries is also minimized. So, if you think about it, having LED lights in your office can bring a high return on investment, and here’s how: 

  • The cost of LED lighting has reduced considerably, even though they are still perceived as expensive in comparison to other existing options. 
  • Their energy-saving benefits will help you save money on your utility bill. 
  • The LED lifespan is 4 times longer than traditional lighting systems. 

The idea is that even though the cost is higher, in the end, you are saving more than the price you pay to have LED installed. In terms of ROI, this can be 12 to 15 times the original investment.

4. It’s Environmentally Friendly

Because LED office lighting is free of mercury, UV, and infrared energy, these systems are environmentally friendly. Fluorescent bulbs, on the other hand, which are also frequently used in office buildings, have mercury traces. So, if a fluorescent bulb breaks, both the people and the environment in close reach can be exposed to harmful mercury. 

LED lighting emits 85% less CO2 in the atmosphere. To dispose of fluorescent bulbs, special methods need to be applied because of the mercury traces inside these bulbs. Disposing of LED lights is easily done and the environment is not exposed to any danger. 

5. LED Office Lighting Is Visually Pleasing

beautiful led office lighting

These illumination systems offer evenly distributed light, which contributes greatly to creating a visually pleasing working environment. The buzz, flicker and glare are reduced and so the potential for headaches, migraines, and eye strain is significantly minimized. Your employees will be able to concentrate on their tasks, increasing their productivity.

Consider the function of the space when choosing the color and temperature of office lighting. The amount of light, the health implications of various spectrums and the level of intensity are elements you need to take into account when creating the design. 

In spaces meant for relaxation, warmer yellow or orange lights are appropriate, whereas cooler blue and white lights are suitable for waking up, working, and concentrating. It would be best to have the lighting temperature vary based on the time of the day. In the morning, the light should be cooler and brighter, helping employees stay alert and concentrated, but as the day goes by, the light should be warmer to help them relax

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