Electricians for New Warehouse Lighting Installation, Warehouse Lighting Upgrades & Repairs

Penna Electric’s experienced electricians can upgrade, install, replace, and service all of your warehouse lighting needs.

Like office lighting, warehouse lighting is equally important to the productivity and well-being of employees. According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the fatal injury rate for the warehousing industry is higher than the national average for all industries, and two of the top-10 most common warehousing citations issued each year by OSHA are electrical related.

Penna Electric meets all OSHA and Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) regulations for warehouse lighting, and we’ll work directly with you to determine the best lighting options for your warehouse whether it’s in Los Angeles or Torrance in the South Bay.

Save Energy. Save Money. Improve workflow.

According to IESNA, the type of warehouse lighting required depends on the level of activity and size of labels found within the warehouse. We’ll help you select the optimal lighting options for your warehouse, making it easier for employees to read proper labels and documents, feel less fatigued and more alert, and reduce general stress levels.

Energy efficient warehouse lighting retrofits reduce energy consumption, improve lighting quality and provide positive cash flow from the moment you flip the switch on a new installation.

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More About Warehouse Lighting

The commercial electricians at Penna Electric will install, maintain and upgrade the electrical power for your warehouse facility.

We understand the critical need for consistent, reliable electric power. We are skilled at installing and maintaining industrial standby or emergency power generators.

The electric power requirement for each warehouse depends on the inventory and the sorting and handling systems. Our commercial electricians can test, inspect and regulate your power loads and machinery to make sure they remains in continuous operation, with no down time or loss of revenue.

You may need to re-distribute power and utility lines throughout your warehouse space. Or you require energy-efficient lighting or special HVAC and ventilation. We can handle it all at competitive rates.

Making the switch: Investing in Warehouse LED Saves

Businesses are always looking for ways to cut costs, and reducing utility expenses is a popular way to achieve that goal.

Electricity bills can be a large expense every month, especially companies with large warehouses, and manufacturing floors.

Changing all of your lights to LED light bulbs is a great way to start, and you will recoup the biggest savings. Moving to a smarter lighting option will minimize your electricity bill at the end of the month, and still maintain a high operating level.

Many of the current lights installed are of older technology, designed from as far as 40 years ago. They are now costly and inefficient.

The more efficient solution has become increasingly popular over the past few years. They are light emitting diode systems or best known as LEDs.

This efficient option has many benefits that can increase profitability and safety. In many cases, the return on investment on LED warehouse lighting is seen in well under two years.

Another benefit of LED lighting for industrial facilities is that they are a favorable option because of their safety features such as instant on and off features, and dimmable and can be used with occupancy sensors.

Warehouse or factory lights need to be hard working, long lasting, and durable. Penna Electric can provide the perfect LED lighting solution that fulfills all criteria.

LED lighting is a convenient solution. In a warehouse, the act of changing a light bulb or tube becomes a labor-intensive and complex process, whereas LED bulbs last as much as ten times longer. This makes a major difference in maintenance requirements.

Investing in automatic lighting control for your LED bulbs is another smart way of benefiting from energy efficiency.

With lighting control, lights can be automatically switched off in certain areas where no one is using them.

Some businesses are already catching on the smart lighting trend but it is happening at a slow pace.

Penna Electric can help you lower energy use and reduce operation costs. Have you made the switch to LED for warehouses? It’s a smarter solution.


Penna Electric Provides the Following Commercial Electrical Services:

Code Correction/Title 24 Compliance

Indoor lighting is one of the single largest consumers of energy (kilowatt-hours) in a commercial building, representing about a third of electricity use. The objective of the Title 24 non-residential lighting standards is the effective reduction of this energy use, without compromising the quality of lighting or task work.

Forklift Charging Station Installations

We install dedicated circuits for forklifts, special equipment, appliances, automobile charging stations, and anything requiring electricity. Our team is fully qualified to meet your circuitry needs whether they be indoor or outdoor. Let us know what you want and we’ll make it happen.

Office Lighting & Occupancy Sensors

Whatever your problem, we’re here to help We troubleshoot any electrical problems from dim lighting and circuit breakers tripping, to power going on and off without explanation. Contact us with your issues and we will pinpoint the problem and get it repaired for you. All of our work carries with it a customer satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy, we’ll make it right.

Wall Pack Service & Replacement

Wall pack lighting is the most common form of outdoor lighting fixture used for commercial and industrial facilities. Wall packs are mounted on outdoor walls of most commercial and public buildings throughout Los Angeles, the South Bay and parts of Orange County. They produce powerful, high-intensity light over a broad outdoor area. Currently, many businesses are installing newer wall pack models that produce less light pollution while still providing safety and security lighting in even the most harsh weather conditions. Penna Electric can service and replace wall packs when they need maintenance or you want to upgrade to a more energy efficient model.

Battery Back-Up Exit Sign and Emergency Lighting Replacement

Emergency lighting and exit signs are an essential safety element for any commercial or industrial lighting plan. The placement and operation of these type of commercial lighting are controlled by local building and fire codes. If you need battery back-up exit sign and emergency lighting replacement or maintenance to keep up with codes and ensure safety for your employees and clients, Penna Electric can help.

LED Upgrades

Many businesses around Los Angeles, the South Bay and parts of Orange County have been calling our commercial electricians to retrofit their existing light fixtures so that they use energy-efficient, long-lasting LED lights. In many cases, we can even use existing light fixtures to make LED upgrades. When this is not possible, we can also do full LED lighting replacements. Your energy savings in the long run are well worth the cost.

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