About Penna Electric

Todd Penna - Electrical Contractor

About the Owner

Penna Electric, Inc. is locally owned and operated by Todd Penna who was born and raised in San Fernando Valley. Todd completed his first ‘paid electrical job’ as an apprentice when he was just 18 years old and went on to study Electrical Theory and Contracting at El Camino College and Los Angeles Tech.

Todd became an Electrician in the 1980’s working up through the ranks and established Penna Electric in 2007. In Todd’s words, “The reason Penna Electric exists is because over the years I saw opportunities to better serve my customers and felt more could be done to ensure complete customer satisfaction. For example, providing fair and accurate quotes, real explanations of problems and solutions for customers, and timely service are keys to exceptional service that I wanted to incorporate into a business of my own.”

Our Pledge to You

Here at Penna Electric, when we say we will be “On Time, On Demand, On Budget” we actually mean it. To us, it’s much more than a slogan. What sets us apart from other area electricians is our commitment to customer service and making sure our work is done correctly and to your liking. This is the reason we have received nearly all 5 star reviews from our customers. Give us a call and find out why we are the #1 electricians in the South Bay area. We are also committed to ensuring you, as a customer, are properly informed about electrical safety and how to accurately describe your issues and needs to our qualified electricians. This will help us to more accurately pinpoint possible wiring issues and be able to correct them quickly and safely.

Our Commitment to Quality

In order to provide as much value as possible every day, Penna Electric strictly adheres to our number one rule of business: Quality the First Time. For this reason Penna Electric is grateful to have one of the highest repeat customer bases in the business.

Building a reputation as a reliable, high-quality electrical contractor takes time and tenacity. Just read our growing list of reviews and judge for yourself. Our commitment to being On Time, On Demand, and On Budget is our foundation.