Commercial Lighting

At Penna Electric, we offer all types of commercial lighting installations, including but not limited to LED High Bay Lighting, Strip Lighting Fixtures, Drop-In T-Bar fixtures, Emergency Lighting including Title 24 Compliance enforced only in California. These fixtures are commonly used in Warehouses, Offices, Retail Stores, and Restaurants. To learn more about the types of lighting we install, continue reading.

high bay LED commercial lighting installation

LED High Bay Commercial Lighting (UFO Lighting)

LED High bay light fixtures are usually used in spaces with ceiling heights higher than 15-20 feet.These fixtures are most commonly used in open warehouse areas where the illumination can reach to all open areas. UFO type high bay lighting produces high lumens while still being very energy efficient. LED fixtures are replacing old high-pressure sodium halide and fluorescent lighting. The reason for this change is to reduce energy consumption and to meet code requirements. Additionally, these lights offer a longer lasting life – up to 30 years.

High Bay LEDs have an array of LEDs strategically placed in the fixture to give a specific spread of lighting evenly over an area at a 110 Degree Beam Angle. These fixtures range from 13000LM – 42,000LM per fixture depending on the wattage. Various color spectrum is available from 3000k to 5000k. Quality fixtures come with a five year manufacturers warranty. At Penna Electric, we recommend Westgate UFO Lighting Fixtures or LTech.

Low Bay Commercial Lighting (Strip Lighting)

LED Low Bay Lighting Fixtures are usually used when ceiling heights are lower than 20 feet. These fixtures are commonly used in aisle ways when illumination is essential to reading labeling on your inventory. These diffuse the light, cutting down on the harsh reflections that lower ceilings can cause.Although low bay lighting includes UFO lighting fixtures, you may more commonly see low bay lighting as strip lighting.


Emergency Commercial Lighting (Egress Lighting)

Sometimes referred to as egress lighting, emergency lighting is designed to illuminate and identify hallways, stairwells and exits to facilitate a safe and orderly evacuation from a facility. Egress lightingshall be continuousduring the time that the conditions of occupancy require that themeans of egress be available for use, whereas emergency lighting ―shall be provided for a minimumof 1.5 hours in the event of failure of normal lighting.

At Penna Electric we install a combined system that fulfills the coverage andilluminance requirements for both egress and emergency lighting to meet all building codes and Title 24 Compliance.

Exterior Commercial Lighting

Wall Mounted and Rooftop Flood LED Lighting Fixtures
Wall mounted fixtures usually can be found alongside the exterior wall of a building under the eaves of the roof to provide lighting for walkways and parking areas. Rooftop Flood Lighting Fixtures are the same concept but are found mounted on the very edge of the roof also providing light in a much broader area. The installation of each fixture varies and must be installed with timers or photo cells to control the duration of illumination. Proper exterior lighting offers safety from break-ins and predators.


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Electrical Panel Upgrades

In these modern times, we rely on a growing number of gadgets and appliances. The comforts of life have begun to be defined through new technologies as well. Thus, functionality and comfort depend on the use of electricity. An electrical panel is what controls this aspect and lets us use all the new technologies at home. When it is damaged, not only that it can compromise the appliances, but also people’s safety. Call us for an inspection.Read More »

House Rewiring

Wiring a home properly is an important part of maintaining a safe environment and providing a worry-free experience when working with electricity. Not only does proper wiring ensure the smooth functioning of a home’s electrical supply to connected appliances; it also protects the house from any kind of electrical hazard.  With today’s higher energy consumption, it is imperative your home’s wiring is up to date. To find out if your home requires rewiring, contact us today.Read More »

Electrical Troubleshooting

Whatever your problem, we’ll get to the bottom of it. We troubleshoot any electrical problems from dimming lighting and circuit breakers tripping, to power going on and off without explanation. Contact us with your issues and we will pinpoint the problem and get it repaired for you. All of our work carries with it a customer satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy, we’ll make it right.

Lighting Installation & Upgrades

We install lighting fixtures of all kinds from hanging lights, recessed lighting, outdoor lights, landscape lighting, swimming pool lights, accent lighting, and more. We will remove your old lighting fixtures and do a thorough inspection to ensure that the wiring is up to code before installing your new fixtures. At Penna Electric, safety is always first.Read More »

Electrical Code Corrections

If you’re having your home remodeled and have received a “Notice To Comply” by the department of housing for your property, we can help solve your electrical problems. We will work with your inspector and general contractor to bring your electrical requirement up to date and pass your next electrical inspection.

EV Charger Installation

If you’ve just purchased or are planning to purchase and Electrical Vehicle, your first thoughts will be where to install the charging station and can your current electrical plan sustain such a heavy load. At Penna Electric, we will make sure your Electrical Vehicle charging outlet is properly installed adding a new dedicated circuit. Call us for next day installation.Read More »

Quick Tips

While electrical repairs do require the knowledge and experience of a professional electrician, there are numerous ways you can help to properly maintain the electrical system in your home in order to prevent damage and keep things running smoothly.

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Recommended Wattage Only!

Only use the recommended wattage for light bulbs in your home or office.