How to Know When You Can’t Install a Light Fixture Yourself: a 5 Minute Guide

Light Fixture Installation Electrician

light fixture installationThe Do It Yourself movement is hardly new at this point, but it is still going strong across the nation. Something about doing the work yourself, really shaping your house into a dream home, appeals to the American psyche.

There are many jobs around the house that don’t require the assistance of licensed electricians: light fixture instillation is usually one of those cases. But not always.

There are a number of factors that might mean you should consult an electrician when attempting to install a light fixture. In this five-minute guide, we will teach you how to recognize the two biggest clues that you need a full service electrician for your light fixture installation.

    • Step One: Check the Amperage
      The first thing you need to do is find out the amperage, or the strength of the electrical current that is sent from your home’s circuit. Then, compare that with the wattage needed by your new light fixture installation.

      If the wattage is too high for your circuit’s amperage, then you either need to find another light fixture, or you will need to run an additional wire from your circuit breaker to the fixture. Because of the difficulty of this task, and the peril that it creates when done incorrectly — after all, 20% if house fires are the result of faulty outlets and cords — you should hire a licensed electrician for this task.


  • Step Two: Determine If Your Wiring Has High Heat Insulation
    While the insulation of your wiring might not seem like a big concern, the fact is that many light fixtures today absolutely require it. Without the proper insulation to the wiring, the insulation will begin to deteriorate and crack.

    If you have an older home that has not had it’s electrical wiring renovated, then you should consider reaching out to an electrician in order to avoid the myriad of issues that might arise for the wrong sort of wires.

It’s easy to understand the DIY craze. It allows you to take full ownership of your space and make it your own. But not every job can or should be performed by an amateur electrician.

When in doubt, it is generally best to contact an electrical contractor for any project around the home. Electricians have years of experience and the knowledge that can keep your family safe, even for a task that is as simple as a light fixture instillation.