A Homeowner’s Guide To Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety As Told By Penna's Electricians

electrical contractor servicesMismanaging your home’s electricity can lead to potentially dangerous situations, causing fires, outages, and other issues. With some basic knowledge, however, every homeowner can ensure that their electric features are working properly and safely. Aside from hiring a professional electrical contractor, be sure to follow these simple steps for electrical management.

    1. Inspect Your Outlets: While you may not pay attention to your outlets in your daily life, there could be issues happening under the surface. Inspect your outlets regularly by placing your hand on the plate, feeling for any heat. If they are warm to the touch, there may be too much electricity going to them.


    1. Watch Your Lights: Flickering lights are usually a sign that your electrical panel is acting up or that your home’s circuit is overloaded. If a basic lightbulb change doesn’t fix the issue, be sure to call an electrician for a more thorough inspection.


    1. Have A Fire Extinguisher: Electrical fires cause a total of $1.5 billion in property damage every year, so be sure to have a working extinguisher on hand to quickly handle any flames.Remember to never throw water on an electrical fire, as this will make it worse. And of course, if the flames spread too much, get out of the house and call 9-1-1.


    1. Use The Correct Wattage: When selecting lightbulbs for your lamps, be sure to check the wattage on the box. Choosing too high of a number could cause the light to overheat, which could be dangerous. If you notice that a lightbulb is smoking, turn off the light and take the bulb out right away. This is a sign that the wattage is too high and you need to buy a new bulb.


  1. Manage Your Wires: Keep wires tucked away and untangled, preventing them from breaking or snagging. Also be sure to check for exposed wires regularly and replace any that are worn out. Every wire should fit tightly into every outlet, so be sure to try wiggling your wires after installation.

Remember: The most important safety measure that you can take is hiring electrical contractor services. These professional electricians will inspect your home, spot any safety breaches, and recommend repairs and replacements. Investing in this maintenance is key to keeping your home and family safe.